13.8.17 ++ PICS weed + 14km hike nature w friends, happy, relax, reallyfun

Summary: smoked weed 15km hike nature LOL, super fun, mike asi, hanna, lots of food, chilling, present,

man the hike was insane, really fun. just chill day with friends. at some point we laid on top of a big rock and took pics. ate berries. I overate lol.

it’s nice to forget about work, and take the weekend 100% off. honestly this was one of the best weekends in my life. it’s great. just spending time with friends. Also I have a lot in common with mikey and asi we get along really well and share similar point of views.

i love how mikey talks about stress free life and fuck it don’t need to make bazzilion dollars at 24 and get rich. you can make 3000$/month and live happily ever after and have a fucking life. pretty cool.
Also I love how he talks about feeling like we’re wasting time working in eCom doing stuff like that. like we should be solving bigger problems cuz we’re smart people and can do better shit. Man I love it!! haha.

weed and nature is cool. makes you more present and closer to nature, funny how growing up I thought it was really bad and avoided it like the plague. In reality it’s just smoking a plant lol. you don’t have any bad side effects and shit but think about taking medicine look at the list of their side effects lol. it’s really bad.


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