14.8.17 ++ QUIT ECOM, epiphany, mikey asi long night talk, great ice cream

Summary: awesome day. Talked asi mikey about what to do, really didn’t want stress ecom bad low profit margin biz model, cancelled all biz refunded orders, shut it down, learned a lot in 2 weeks, mikey said I should teach systemizing instead, sounds fun, ice cream with tom

I also want to put my diaries online publicly. that’ll be super cool as well.

Man ther’es no reason I should be doing shit I hate I have enough money saved up so not to worry about that shit you know.

I have 2 good ideas for direction to take now
1. upload these diaries online publicly.
2. start helping people systemize their life, reduce stress and make them work less. mikey said I’m extremly good with that, one of the most organized people he knows. Wow that might actually be a great thing for me to teach people! love it.

Man doing this creditcard form is so much bullshit and stress and talking to aank and lower margins man FUCK THAT SHIT I DON’T NEED IT IN MY LIFE LOL.

Tom told me about bitcon and crypto curreneis, man that’s insaane, slowly learning more about it would be really cool to buy some.

wanted to smoke weed with mike after the walk home from office but asi already smoked lol. no worries next time

man life looks so much more exciting now that I can say FUCK YOU to ecom and do something else instead lol. Don’t need it in my life. Can just go to Lviv and live on 600$/month. that’s insanely cheap.
DONE fill form HSBC
DONE find airbnb for you mom dad
DONE pay employees
DONE change watercolor to normal price
DONE configure send email from boutiqux info
DONE tell VA translate theme
DONE refund cancel other order
DONE tell VA how to translate products
DONE watch vid ben
DONE make vid BEN
DONE google how to build a sellable business
DONE read letting go book notes
DONE send vid ben
DONE make smart plan testing products
DONE stop all ads
DONE tell employees
DONE refund all services + close store
DONE refund all pending orders
DONE tell shopify wrong plan please downgrade and refund the rest

Cool/notable/fun moments from today:

My thought of the day:
I’m feeling happy/sad because


Good night!

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I'm an entrepreneur that quit his previous 6-figure business because it wasn't aligned with my core values. Still exploring and learning about myself. Looking for something that I will enjoy doing and that will help people as well.