15.8.17 club, weed twice, burrito while high, met job works Highexistence, reading expert secrets

Summary: awesome fun day, yoni mikey friend came to town, went out club, smoked weed twice awesome lol, had burrito high tasted AMAZING, stopped ecom operations, reading expert secrets, so much less stress it’s beautfiul, met jon works at highexistence for ice cream, helped him with facebook ads

I really want to work alongside mieky when we both start seperate businesses, he will start lazy fitness and I’ll start the systemizing brand.

Man being the systems guy sounds awesome, I think I can really help people with that. Paul also said 5 months ago when I came up with the affiliate marekting funnel/system that it was genius so I’m happy 😀

man had lots of approach anxiety today at the club I really need t owork on that lol. talked to a few girls but still feel inside my shell here. I need to get settled into it. but no rush, I can just go out with some RSD guys in the weeekend they’ll help me haha.

Man expert secrets is an incredible book I love it. Really smart dude.

Weed is incredible. Getting high is super nice.

I want to buy 5k$ worth of crypto currency now and then when the market crashes again I want to buy the coin that crashed, probably bitcoin.

Jon is a cool guy, but when I found it very amusing how thier facebook ads strategy was bad they were trying to sell bad generic t-shirts when they had a successful info product make six figures for them LOL. funny how we have these biases lol.

anyways awesome day
Cool/notable/fun moments from today:
laughing with mikey about HE bad marketing strategy

My thought of the day:
man so nice to have less stress now

I’m feeling happy/sad because
happy cuz less stress!


Good night!

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