18.8.17 PIC club kpop party, met 2 awesome girls, morning sex, starting buy crypto mikey, working on systemizing

Summary: fun, club with friends kpop party, met 2 awesome girls, wow, morning sex fun, coudln’t cum too small condom lol, starting to buy crypto from mikey, nap,

Man I met 2 really cool girls, Eli and Gili. Eli reminded me of amanda cerny a bit. She’s like language interprator and speaks korean even though she never lived there, really impressive. Gili is russian but looks 100% russian, really strange lol, she’s from a special part in russia and the coolest part is she invest in crypto currencies!!! wtf lol. A pretty girl that’s also smart LOL.

Allasandro and I both talked to them, and initially I thought I liked gili more but after talking a bit I liked Eli more. She seemed more interesting to me. but looks flaky she’s really busy.
whatever doesn’t matter, just goes to show that there are really cool pretty girls in prague, I should talk to more girls lol. Today I didn’t have much approach anxiety, so that was great! definitely big improvement 😀

videos I recorded today:

My friend is nice but I’m starting to lose interest, too bad she’s a nice girl.

DONE record video how to automate
DONE record video why to autoamte
DONE upload youtube
DONE make video offering the free consultation form link https://goo.gl/forms/oM7luFd2J3Y3dH7i2
DONE offer people who commented + anyone relevent about automating business + fb page reviews + emails
DONE tell ben if he wants help
DONE Look friends invite for systemizing consulting
DONE Fill clickfunells affiliate details
DONE get cc + security device login set limit
Cool/notable/fun moments from today:

My thought of the day:

wow girls in prague are pretty cool actually. can’t wait to get to know them more.
I’m feeling happy/sad because


Good night!



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