18.8.17 PICS really full, mikey Jon HE, date house of cards e02 romantic

Summary: nice day, still really full from buffet yesterday, was bad idea lol, working on systemization branad, met mikey jon HE, met girl i’m dating, watch house of cards e02, red wine + cheese, romantic haha.

Mikey and jon are gonna work together on the digital product. that’s pretty cool. ! I’m sure they’re going to be quite successful together.

Man I’m soooooo full. I’ts even a bit scary like my guts can’t take anymore food. I’ll fast tomorrow. health really is the most important thing.

can’t wait to go hike in the weekend. last week was so much fun!

Posted on upwork looking for VA to talk to girls for me LOL20952156_10214286864789864_534476451_o 20931053_10214286864669861_1583813037_o 20960877_10214286864509857_446433191_o 20930578_10214286864549858_31628437_o 20930289_10214286865509882_1054208607_o 20967928_10214286864949868_775088010_o 20952153_10214286865309877_1276500229_o 20930704_10214286864749863_1909900788_o

oh man we should go to the strip club tomorrow last week was super fun.

I dunno if I should ask my parents to smoke weed together LOL. that’ll be fun and super weird. should try it.

man I bought condoms that were too small fuck me lol. it says the same size as in thailand but it’s not the same size weird lol.

Cool/notable/fun moments from today:
realizing it was a bad idea to have lunch lol

My thought of the day:
man I shouldn’t do buffets like this lol
I’m feeling happy/sad because
happy my parents are coming soon!!


p.s. i’m high as fuck in the last pic hahaha was super fun getting high in nature



Good night!20819473_10214262133571599_1865349370060902446_o20604599_945839122222961_6493437140171983098_n 20799388_951228805017326_964988584141195624_n


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