19.8.17 PICS 35km hike, augustine, nature, calm, looking buy crypto, sister+grandma come to visit me yay!

Summary: awesome hiking 35km walk day! bohemian paradise hike, augustine trip organizer, they got high lol, gonna buy JMULV pickup product, looking into investing in crypto market is WAY overvalued, met cute girl L, talya sister + grandma come visit me OMG OMG

didn’t see my sister and grandma in 1.5 years, too long fucking time, so it’s deifintely great to see them again!

hiking in nature is so fucking nice man. I love it.

i wonder if one day I’ll be able to monetize these diaries, been writing them every day last 5.5 years since I’m 18, so that’ll be super cool if I could make money off of something I enjoy doing for free.

mikey was telling funny stripper stories from thailand hahah I was laghing so hard. didn’t notice the long train ride just cuz we had so many jokes.

L is really cute, reserved, but with blond hair and really white eyes, I got her fb and it’ll be nice to see her again. she’s czech. My buddy dale is nagging me to hook up with a czech girl already before I leave prague LOL. Love ya man.

the hike wasn’t that hard even though we walked shitloads. LOL. but I was obesessing about food today because I didn’t eat much food last 3 days after the insane buffet we had. definitely not worth the buffet cuz felt so bad afterwards.

Anyways now I’m back to normal so that means ice cream all day every day LOL. Seriously though, I wanna buy some salmon fish avocado with nice break like mikey and asi love to make and make it for myself hahaha.

Cool/notable/fun moments from today:

My thought of the day:
I’m feeling happy/sad because
happy because I’m not constipated/blocked anymore yay!
my sister and grandma are coming to visit yay!


Good night!


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