20.8.17 ++ AMAZING DAY, got really high, boat+beer+friends river,ice cream TWICE, escape room, bought crypto

Summary: ++ AMAZING day, one of the best in my life, boat+beer on river with friends, ate ice cream creme de la crem TWICE, smoked and got high TWICE, bought of crypto from mikey, ate awesome burger while high, ate lamb shank at mozart’s house resturant, escape room challenge “the chamber” scary lol, got really high be4 club, danced my as off really enjoyed it, then big taco while high delicious

man that was seriously one of the best days of my life. just had a great time with great friends. too bad they’re leaving tomorrow. it’s mikey asi yoni, such a great time together.

we hired 2 paddling boats on the river then went to a resturant by the river and bought 6 beers WHILE ON THE BOAT, it was fucking awesome haha. I don’t like beer but I wanted to try it. was pretty cool. paddling and chilling on the river with beer was so peaceful and stress free. No worries about money or crypto trading or investing etc.

I wanna buy DASH crypto when the price crashes again. Mikey really believes in this coin and you can already pay with it in resturants in ukraine, that’s cool.

you don’t need much to be happy. Just enjoy time with good friends, eat great food, hike, party, get high lol.

Gonnna buy jmulv pickup course tomorrow excited.

Learned how to make smoke. and got really high, the most I ever been in my life. It was insane, felt so happy and good. I can’t believe governments used to ban this while alcohol is legal, all because of money haha. how many things are upside down in this world.

the escape room chamber was really fun, I kept waiting for someone to scare the shit out of me but nah, it was just many riddles challenge. It was so funny when at the end they started to play the ghostbusters song when we completed the challenge haha.

Man dancing at club while high just enjoying the music. I listened later to music on the way home and I felt the music really good too it was awesome.
Cool/notable/fun moments from today:

My thought of the day:

buy crypto it’s the future. I really believe in it.

spend more time with awesome friends that effects happines  more than anything I thnik. relationships are the key to happiness.
I’m feeling happy/sad because

close to friends having fun


Good night!
the ice cream boys pic on the street is awesome! best ice cream ever. man I had 320g of ice cream that day that was a great day LOL. got the hiking pic from yesterday
went to escape room chamber here’s a screenshot


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