21.8.17 PICS chill high day last day w friends in prague, chill, park, beautiful, peaceful

Summary: another beautiful awesome day, sadly it’s mike yoni asi last day, got high twice LOL, amazing pizza at magical coffee shop, talk about bitcoin, another ice cream crem de la crem, chill at the park in the sun, bought jmulv pickup course

man days like these are so nice. few close friends, walking around, amazing food, getting high, enjoying life.

there was a pretty girl sitting at the coffee shop outside with a glass of wine doing homework or maybe she was a teacher grading tests. but what was special about her was how she was dressed and behaved, she was perfect. from the bottom to the top, everything was tip top shape, very clean and organized. With the glass of white wine, it was a beautiful picture. my friends and I really laughed about it.

The waitress was also REALLY beautiful it was insane. My friends tryied to figure out why she was so pretty lol, she had a special type of beauty, really REALLY black hair, with sharp facial features, and blue eyes I believe, she was really beautiful. Like a rare kind of beauty, we really enjoyed it.

Also funny moment we were staraing at the TV screen for like 3 minutes straight because it had mesmerizing waves nature video rolling from new zealand. We started at it so awkwardly everyone noticed and the owner started explaining to us about the place in the tv LOL. we must’ve looked so stoned and funny to people nearby hahahaha super awesome.

food is so much better when you’re high.

Unsure what to do with work, I want to help teach people systems but I’m not 100% sure I want to get behind this but I have a feelingg it’s a great direction for me and that I can help a lot with it.

Cool/notable/fun moments from today:

My thought of the day:
I just want to make $3k a month and I’ll be good for life haha.
weed is fucking awesome

I’m feeling happy/sad because
sad because my friends left to kiev… Oh well, at least my family is coming in 3 days 😀


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