22.8.17 PICS lonely, standup show, sis talk 60m, dale 50m, ice cream alone, cold approached 1 girl yay

wSummary: lonely, working on systemizing email list, 3 step blueprint systemize business, standup show, talk talya sister 60m phone, dale 50m phone, ice cream alone, dark chocolate, watched pixel mastery, invited bunch people to lviv lol, cold approached 1 girl yay!

Did my first daygame approach today lol that was spontanous she just looked so cute I had to say hi. Proud of myself. Too bad we didn’t click, I should probably talk to more girls but I feel approach anxiety and I know it usually does’nt lead to me dating the girls. 80% of my closes come from night game instant pulls so that’s where I like to direct my effort at.
BTW sucks ukraine are very prude, takes 3+ dates to hook up with a girl. I’ll try it and see what it’s like but it’s already a major bummer imo LOL. Should be fun though to date a ukranian girl.

Dale is nagging me about having to hook up with a czech girl LOL. I totally understand hahaha.

Man being alone sucks, I want to always have very close friends with me. I get depressed when I’m alone. Happiness comes from our relationships it seems, much less tahn money that’s 4 sure!

The standup improv evetn was fun, I left after only 1h felt like had enoguh but had a good time talking to people vibing etc.


DONE create audience
DONE integrate fb pixel with LP
DONE setup LP email optin
DONE write the emails
DONE Create how to make your business more sellable
DONE create tools to systemize your business
DONE write diary
DONE start facebook groups systemizing and automating your business
DONE create outline
DONE write 3 ideas for videos to run on facebook ads
DONE create email gift systemizing


Cool/notable/fun moments from today:

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I’m feeling happy/sad because

sad because my friends left to kiev lol


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