23.8.17 FR beautiful night, met awesome russian girl, 2 makeouts, great time with wings

wow amazing day, productive, went out 2 new wings, met awesome girl Aliya, makeout love it, romantic, got great game, setup fb ads funnel video, cold shower, masturbated, co working space, ice cream + 100g toblerone choclate, wrote field report below, pianist played in central square, beautiful

fuck it’s sunrise now 5:46am LOL. watched JMULV pickup course before going out was very helpful. Man its so cool my game is awesome I was worried it’s only for asians or thai’s but nah man I can pimp it it seems anywhere in the world. It’s like a superpower Also I did’nt have approach anxiety today, I had only a little, it was awesome. I didn’t let anything get to me, I felt awesome. Also pickup in prague is really fun, girls are hot and super nice too. I really enjoy it. Much better than gaming in bangkok or taiwan. or anywher I’ve been for that matter lol.

video from today: https://youtu.be/TDcSM9lK6nQ

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Summary of the night
– wow amazing night, first time I go out specifically to game, had 3 solid intercations, made out with 2 of them, man they were beautiful I love Prague lol. went out with 2 new wings, alex and Marek, so much fun, flowing, little approach anxiety, charismatic, did well. met Russian girl that ended up making really hard with lol

Best interactions
– #1 russian girl –
I talked with my buddy when a girl passed by, I started talking, REALLY physical right off the bat. My friend later told me he was really surprised I did that lol. I didn’t like the girl at first so i didn’t really give a fuck, and it went well. Tried to kiss her within the first 40 seconds of meeting, gt the cheek twice, then instead of trying to escalate physically I esclataed the venue and pulled her outside the club.
holy shit girl speaks fluent chinese, her chinese is better than mine haha. we talk, vibe, it’s her last day, goes to russia tomorrow, stays in hotel far away from city center. shit logistics. I decide at this point to give up on trying to close and just make out and enjoy the conversation. Jeez she has a beautiful shape and a big ass haha. I tell her that. she likes it.

yes I know, I should’ve tried to close her, but didn’t feel like ruining the moment overthinking shit. I just enjoyed kissing her and holding her in my arms at that point. She put her hands inside my jacket and hugged me, that felt really nice. Yeah I’m gay AF sometimes I know lol.
we go back inside, I try to seed afterparty, but keep getting rejected by her. I could’ve done it better coming to think of it. Take a pic of us together, my friend tells me she’s super hot, lol I know. Proceed to dry hump in a corner of the club. She starts moaning. Hard. kisses my neck. wow really good kisser. should’ve tried pulling to bathroom at this point. Had a condom on me as well. the bartender comes telling us to stop. lol.

Man I had such a fucking good time with her. really smart girl. Didn’t believe I’m only 23. I enjoyed feeling her body sooooo much. Funny I’m not so bummed out we didn’t have sex. I just wanted to cuddle and spend more time with her tonight.
– super physical right from the start
– tested compliance fast, pulled outside the club within 2m.
-preseeded pulling multiple times.
– really fucking enjoyed the interaction.
– Didn’t try to close in club’s bathroom.
– Didn’t try to pull too hard or solve her objections. I need to be more “gun to the head” at this point.
#2 Slovak Girl

2 hot girls smoking outside club, I open with friends. the one I like is tall, black hair, beautiful, lovely excited smile, likes me right off the bat. Bad english, I tease her, she smiles like an asian girl lol. 4 years in prague, her friend is colder, no emotions, russian style I think, but doesn’t necessarily means she doesn’t like us. She wasn’t nice, but she wasn’t mean, she just was lol.

It’s 1:15am, should’ve tried pulling to “afterparty” somewhere, but instead didn’t think about it and said when you finish smoking let’s go dance at the bar. we go inside, and sadly I didn’t lead, and they got a drink at the bar and literally didn’t move for like the next 1.5 hours. I vibed, tryed moving them, dance, outside, but no success, so I got my girl’s facebook and them came 1 time later and she STILL wouldn’t comply lol.

What can I do the bitch ain’t moving! hahaha. Guess I’ll have to try setup ice cream date with her. hard cuz didn’t talk about it during the intercation. She really liked me though.

UPDATE: well I checked on facebook, aaaaaand she has a boyfriend lol. Well he’s not in prague so no worries, but still will be hard to meet her probably. That’s why I’m guessing she had such low compliance. oh well, so I did the right thing I guess.

stuck with the set
talked to her friend as well she won’t feel left out
Tried to move her around.
didn’t spend too much time when she didn’t comply.
– Not too sure.

#3 Russian lesbian Girl
girl on dance floor, say hi, she’s party girl, having fun, she randomly starts making out passionately with her unattractive gf lol. I try to kiss her, we make out on the 2nd attempt. Here I didn’t lead, but she liked me, told me they’re going to after hours club and I should join.
I didn’t lead so I’m not really in control of interaction, if go afterhours party they might stay there until fucking 5am, unacceptable lol, so I get her fb and move on. was really hard to seperate her from her gf.
Didn’t lead
Lessons learned
– ALWAYS TRY TO CLOSE. Don’t assume she’ll say no or it’s not possible.
– STAY LONGER IN PROMISING SETS. Should’ve stayed longer withe the russian girl I made out with.
Notable things that happened
– I try to looks for 5-20m pulls, not for longer interactions than that. Seems to work fine
Things that you did not think were possible

Questions I have
– when do I know if to leave or stay in a set?
– hmm I need to go over the pulling part and always go for the pull.

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