24.8.17 PARENTS CAME!!!1.5 YEARS!! WOW, happy, unproductive, haircut,

Summary: parents came to visit!!! didn’t see them 1.5 years! reading work the system, unproductive, got haircut, unsure next direciton started creating vid exposing RSD systems,

feel like I can teach systemizing but I still can improve so I bought work the system academy. To see what they’re doing. learn and improve! yay.

man mom and dad didn’t change at all, didn’t feel also like it’s been 1.5 years felt like only 6 months or so. To them they said it felt like 1.5 years, guess for parents it’s really importnat.
There was also a sad moment when I saw my mom’s cover phone picture, it was her and my sisters and brother on the beach, but I’m not in the pic cuz I was in Thailand. So it looks like I’m not part of their life. It symbolizes that, and it’s true, sad but true.
I’m 100% ok with that decision, and I dont’ miss israel at all, but still, that’s a bit sad. Guess you can’t win it all in life.

Talked with mom and dad. I’m feeling really grateful for everything in life. Talked aobut fasting, about how much fun I have here in prague, meeting people, meeting beautiful girls too. It’s quite exciting.
Not sure if to skip lviv in ukraine and stay in prague or not. Lviv is literally more than 2x cheaper BUT, girls don’t have sex there before the 3-4 date, and I don’t know if I’m willing to tolerate that LOL. Might as well stay here with all the beautiful smart women and enjoy that. In ukraine they’re really old school in that regard, and I dunno if I wanna put myself in that position.
Prague weill definitely be more fun, but i dunno, money’s on my mind. I thnik I’ll stay in prague and just focus on making more money you know.

they apremtnet we got is beautiful, nice piano, old school traditional home I love it.

Mom and dad said I got taller LOL, it’s funny I do remember them being taller before so maybe they stayed the same and I got bigger hahaha. possible. It’s being in europe man, makes you adapt hahaha.

Anyways awesome life, can’t complain really fucking happy.

video chat today about business: https://www.youtube.com/embed/tCjFOLS5QPA
video with parents https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sjeS3aEUvBE

DONE Send Mikey polonix usdt address
DONE check fb bots
DONE make plan find roomate apartment prague + check airbnb what’s available
DONE download work the system academy


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