25.7.17 touristy stuff with parents, went out friends mediocre night

Summary: fun day with parents! too much touristy stuff lol, went on tour, ice cream, italian resturant, my parents didn’t change at all lol, went out, had mediocre night but met milan great guy,

man my parents and I are very different cuz we’re 1 generation apart and also we lead very different lives. It’s great to see them but we have different interests so it’s hard to spend all day with them but I guess that’s normal

reading work the system book. got 1 nice guy apply for free consulting to help promote his book so I’ll be more than happy to help.

Also toying with the idea in the future of developing a wide range of info products around every skill that I want to master – chinese, systemization, dating, health. that’ll be super cool and fun!

went out too early, pulling time is after 4am and I left at 4am lol. oh well, learned my lesson 🙂


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I'm an entrepreneur that quit his previous 6-figure business because it wasn't aligned with my core values. Still exploring and learning about myself. Looking for something that I will enjoy doing and that will help people as well.