27.8.17 10km hike W dad, 50m phone mikey, funny ukranian date story

cool day, walked 16km total, 10km hike with dad group, fun!! 50m phone call mikey fantecizing living purto portugal or prague for 1 year together, his ukraninan date story LOL, watched work the system academy, it’s so-so,


the hike was awesome, finlaly something both dad and I enjoy doing, I like it much more than the touristy stuff.

Mikey was hilariouos talking about his ukrainian date how she went to karaioki and sang a song about money and diamonds LOL. Such gold digger culture, it’s fanscinating, so weird! lol. mikey sang “vienna” song, so deep and meaningful lol. And then the girl sang about money. FAIL. lol. Weird culture, don’t want to date girls that are so shallow like that. I understand their point of view, I just dislike it lol.


met two israeli guys on the hike so it was quite enjoyable. 26yo students open minded with similar mindset so I had a great time with them and dad too!


I really wanna live with mikey and asi somewhere together for a year that’ll be so fun and chill. will be crazy cheap cuz get rent for year, and then coworking space for 1 year so it’s insane. then you can go hiking every weekend, get to know people, deep relationships, maybe get a girlfriend, understand where it’s best to get laid easily lol. Get high with friends, enjoy nature, prague is amazing. Maybe purto in portugal will be better we’re not sure. I’m very excited either way.


thinking I should create an email list of people to sign up to my diary lol. I  want people to read this shit LOL.


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