29.8.17 harish consulting promote book, parents last day prague, rick & morty e01, bitcoin meetup

Summary: awesome day, parents last day in prague, bitcoin meetup, awesome ice cream lol, consluting session Harish promote his book “think before you think”, watch rirck and morty s01e01 with parents,

man I had a good time with parents. it was bit boring at times but overall fine. We have different tastes and hobbies but we got together in the end and it was OK. I’m grateful that they came to visit and I’ll be happy to see them once a year. They definitely matured as well, it was more difficult to be in the house with them 3-4 years ago.

I don’t see myself living in israel anytime soon, too expensive and I don’t relate well to israeli people, maybe it’s cuz it’s not interesting/exotic to me.

Man the girls in prague are so fucking beautiful. Anywhere I walk I see stunners, they all come from different places as well cuz it’s tourist city, and I love it. I really wanna crack down the code of getting laid here, that’tll be awesome.

It felt great to help Harish promote his book and build a funnel, I’ll be more than happy to do it for people for $100/hour. that’s pretty awesome. Definitely a step forward. I also really enjoy public speaking that’s something I wanna do in the future as well. I’m always told I’m extremely charismatic, I think it comes naturally but also because I honed it via doing lots of game.

Hmm maybe I could createa an agency that helps guys get dates via tinder, we’ll talk to the girls for them and outsource the dating for them and charge a monthly price, that sounds pretty cool actually.

Man I’m so sad that kinobody is such a sellout stated selling supplemts…. :'( I love the guy but he got greedy, he said supplments are bullshit and 1 year later he starts selling them.. super lame.

Cool/notable/fun moments from today:

My thought of the day:

Man all I need is to get to 100$/hour and I’m good working only 1h a day lol
I’m feeling happy/sad because

happy cuz life is good! And I helped a client today!! yay!


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