By Dvir Oren

3 Keys To Magnetic Charisma


Charisma is what makes people magically attracted to us. Charismatic people can lead other people, get better jobs and be more successful in general.

But how do you become more charismatic? How can you make people more attracted to you and how do you make yourself more likeable?

Glad you asked, here’s 3 keys to magnetic charisma:


  1. Strong eye contact

When I first tried it out, I was surprised to see how much of a difference it made, especially if you’re a guy talking to a woman. Holding eye contact communicates confidence, high self-esteem and it also says that you’re present with the person you’re talking to and that they have your undivided attention.

All these things make you look more attractive and confident. It may come off as unnatural or weird the first few times you do it, especially while you’re talking, but doing so will increase your charisma.


  1. Never say anything bad that might hurt another person

This point is a favorite of mine because I noticed that very charismatic people avoid hurting other people and they think before they talk.

Before they say anything they think how it’ll effect the other person and how it’ll make them feel.

So for example if you’re a business owner and you’re talking to a person who works a 9-5 job, saying something like “having an office job is lame” will probably hurt the other person.

Instead, the charismatic person will avoid saying that and find something positive about that person, so for example if that person is in great shape he’ll make it a point to tell him that.

Leading on to the next point


  1. Give genuine compliments

If you see something you like about a person, let them know. Do so without expecting anything in return and just give them positive energy when you say it.

The power of a genuine compliment is quite impressive. Especially if they come from someone we respect and look up to.

I have compliments that I’ve gotten months ago that I still remember, and I always love giving them to other people as well.

Complimenting people will make them feel good around you and as a result they’ll want to spend more time around you in the future and think good things about you.

So go forth and embrace these 3 keys to magnetic charisma, I hope you found this lesson helpful. If you have, please subscribe to stay updated.

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3 Keys To Magnetic Charisma
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