30.8.17 depressed parents left, thinking teach chinese quit systems biz, club yakir+nizan, fastsing 30h+,strip club, networking event

Summary: depressed day, parents left to israel sad, thinking quitting teaching systems and becoming fluent chinese & teaching it, went out clubs 30m yakir + nizan then left early, walk around chat, sit yakir park till 5am, fun. strip club, was cool, networking event on a boat

Man I slept 4 hours after the strip club then woke up 3:20 ran to see nizan & yakri adn we walked together to club. I love these 2 guys they’re awesome. Fun spending time with them.

Man I’m not sure what to do with my life haha I need to think about it more. I’m tired of quitting and starting over, I want to find 1 thing and master it, I’m just not sure what. I think teaching automation and systemizing isn’t too exciting for me. I’ts not something I do anyways.

I enjoy learning new languages, especially chinese seems awesome and interesting, and I did it for fun 1.5 years ago even when money wasn’t an issue, so I think I should go in that direction you know. I genuinely enjoy learning the language. I should probably dedicate 1-2 months to go from conversational to fluent and then start teaching it.

btw forgot mention I’m fasting for 33hours already, pretty cool cuz I wanted to detox after I had lots of food with parents on their holiday. So I thought it’s good to take time off from food. Really proud of myself for being able to keep my word and self integrity and fast when I want to. I love the mental clarity you get from it as well

Actually right now I can start a facebook group and follow along and start learning. I can learn mostly online, got language exchange 1x a week, and I could make friends with chinese people here in prague, that should be cool

I checked fluent in 3 months course, I bought it 2 years ago and never really studied it, had lots of great shit. I can definitely do it. Learn chinese online outside of china and taiwan. I’m not sure how much money I have left, I need to look into it, don’t want to be stressed about money.

Right now I just need to figure out what’s the shortest way to make money teaching chinese, probably doing private skype sessions online for $40/hour or something. That’ll be dope if I could do that.

I’m thiking start facebook group + youtube channel +email list documenting my journey, providing value, and people that want to learn chinese will naturally start asking me if I’m doing coaching.

i still need to think to make sure that’s the direction I wanna go in, teaching languages. I wanna master chinese, dominate it, then build a really successful brand and online products around it. Maybe one around speaking and one around writing and reading.

Funny I thought that I don’t have much emotions and I can be bit cold, but today when the parents left I was definitely down. so that’s good still got feelings yay.

I think teaching languages is fun cuz you’re always centered around people and hangout with them you know. I enjoy that


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