31.8.17 GOING TO TAIWAN, GO ALL IN FLUENT CHINESE, hanging out yakir nizan, looking apt taiwan

Summary: vid update, bought ticket prague –> taiwan, decided become fluent in chinese go all in, gym, hangout yakir nizan ice cream + czech resturant, sorted bunch of things, looking apt taiwan,

Man I’m so fucking stoked to get fluent in chinese! Gonna make a brand around it and help thousands of people, how cool is that!

man the gym was intense as fuck. barely could walk after that

my sister neta called, great to catch up she sounds happy.

broke 39h fast. that was awesome

steve pavlina – life purpose exercise
What is my true purpose in life?
public speaking
inspire people
be positive happy excited and share that with the world
entertain millions of people
be a kid and explore try new languages learn stuff
master every area of life health wealth relationships pickup artist
build funnels to automate evrey area of life
share my life openly with the world via my diaries
be genuine as fuck, and honest, and not politicly correct
show people what they can become by leading they way and become that way myself
be the nerdy kid that ended up getting anything he wanted in life, or most of it.
live life with joy and passion, and excitement and share it, so that others can live through me
share life via public speaking and youtube
travel to shit loads of places
help other young teenagers and entrepreneurs tell them it’s ok to relax, enjoy life, no need to stress too much
share courses about health, relationships, learning lanugages, metal health, travel, and pretty much anything that I learn and wanna share with the world
expose the health bullshit industry + fitness bullshit industry
share my gratitude and passion for life, also via negative visualization via stoicism.
Learn what makes me excited, travel to loads of places, experience different cultures, Genuinely share my life, the good & bad, and teach what I learn via online products and public speaking.
live full as fuck
share everything, learn whatever I want. live in awesome places. teach my successes and share my failures
be awesome.
inspire people to live and do the fuck they want. also pave a real way for them to get started.
learn new things. date many people. get awesome at dating, languages, marketing, creating online products, public speaking. have a core group of friends.
travel new place. be around people, share and inspire.
be minimalistic, honest, share experiences, teach online & offline, be a learning hacker, share cool experiments. write books, etc.
excited, honest, open, learning, sharing, teaching, traveling, happy, grateful.
expose the truth about health, wealth, fitness, teach my own way. share what I learn

DONE answer evgany email
DONE Read expert secrets – MUST
DONE make list possible ways monetize knowledge if speak chinese
DONE do steve pavlina exercise
DONE restore pleco email backup
DONE check my favorite YT vids all time + goodreads books for stuff I enjoy learning
DONE post fb prague looking language exchange chinese
DONE go gym
DONE Look how much money u have, how expensive move to Taipei will be, plan of action, YT vids to make, goal 25$/h skype sessions, to reduce stress
DONE setup email list on my website
DONE look flights taipei $561 19h
DONE tell evgeny cancel event + return the keys
DONE buy plane ticket
DONE tell diago about refund cancel
DONE make video update
DONE look apartment taipei 3 months + post in groups looking for one

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song 2u by justin beiber man dope shit

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