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How I Gained 16 lbs of Muscle in 8 Months – My Transformation Story

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Today I’ll share with you my fitness transformation story and the key changes I made that help me succeed. It’s my hope that this will inspire you and help you on your own fitness journey!

From skinny beginnings

I’ve been working out for 6 years but 4 years in and I looked really skinny like in the picture below.

    Such a lovely boy! Weight: 74kg/163lbs
Such a lovely boy! Weight: 74kg/163lbs

While I was working out, I wasn’t consistant and my diet was quite bad so I wasn’t able to gain muscle or lose fat. Not so good huh? Then, during the next 8 months I went from the picture above to this picture, gaining ~16 pounds of muscle, and losing 0-1 pounds of fat.

Playing ping pong shirtless while holding red wine in a bar. Wait, what?! Weight: 81.5kg/179lbs

Playing ping pong shirtless while holding red wine in a bar. Wait, what?!
Weight: 81.5kg/179lbs

People started noticing and told me “whoa Dvir?! What have you been on to?! You look bigger now.” I even had girls ask to take pictures with me, which was super flattering and made me very happy and I felt awesome about myself in general.

Going From Lean to Shredded

I even managed later to cut from the above picture (13-14% body fat) to the picture below (8-9% body fat). This took me about 4-5 months. So here I’m about 12-13 months into my fitness transformation.

Chilling at the park with my Thai and Burmese buddies! Nope they don't speak English, but they're really nice and ripped too! Weight: not sure, I'd guess 77kg/170lbs

Chilling at the park with my Thai and Burmese buddies! Nope they don’t speak English, but they’re really nice and ripped too!
Weight: not sure, I’d guess 77kg/170lbs

So… what the hack did I change?

Well, believe it or not, it was very simple and easy. During the entire time I was working out only 3 times a week for 45-60 minutes at a time, and I was eating a lot of junk food (too much to be honest, I later learned how to eat healthier). I wasn’t taking ANY protein supplements during the entire time.

Here’s the key things that helped me change:

#1. Intermittant Fasting + Black Coffee


Hmm… I hope I don’t look that serious all the time ; )

Ah, the beauty of skipping breakfast and relpacing it with unsweetend black coffee, so awesome. This was the main reason I was able to eat less calories every day without too much effort.

You see, when you skip breakfast you “save” your calories for later in the day, making it easier for you to stay in your caloric range because you eat food less times a day. So I was able to eat a big lunch and big dinner and still not gain weight.

Coffee really helps simply because it blunts appetite, making you feel very very full. I’d get starbucks coffee every morning that would keep me full for 2-4 hours, which was awesome!

Black coffee and intermittant fasting both have a lot of health benefits, so by making the switch you’re improving your health, talk about win-win!

2. Bodyweight workouts instead of weight lifting

Ahh one arm pushups, a true joy.

Ahh one arm pushups, a true joy.

During these 8 months I stayed away from the gym, instead I went to the pullup bar at the park and started following the bodyweight mastery program by kinobody. It was a game changer. I don’t know why, but my gains are a lot better with bodyweight workouts rather than traditional weight lifting.

I highly recommend you try bodyweight workouts for a month and compare it with weight training and see what works better for you. The program that I used and I highly recommend is the kinobody bodyweight mastery program, it’s the program that I followed myself and it has levels for everyone, from complete beginner to very advanced.

Plus, training shirtless in the sun at the green park was so beautiful, I loved it so much!
Sidenote: I also noticed that people that do calisthenics aka bodyweight exercises tend to have the best physiques. I think it’s also because you just can’t get fat without noticing very fast when you’re using your own bodyweight.

Watch this video to see me in my humble beginning of my fitness transformation, 2 months into it. It was taken in Taipei, Taiwan (where I was living at the time).

By the way, I was totally not trying to impress the girl holding the camera. Like, totally not.

3. Foods that blunt appetite

This opened my eyes. Did you notice that some foods can make us feel really full with very low calories and some foods barely make us feel full?
For example, an apple has only 60-80 calories but it’s so freaking filling! I’m telling you, next time you’re hungry instead of eating a 500 calorie meal just replace it with a one or two green apples. You’ll be surprised at how filling it is.

The foods that I used to blunt appetite are:
1. Water (0-5 calories)
2. Black coffee (0-10 calories)
3. Apple (60-80 calories per apple)
4. Banana (80-100 calories per banana)
5. Dark chocolate (550 calories per 100g)

Now the order I wrote the foods above is the order I used them during the day to battle my hunger. So my mindset was, how can I push the first meal of the day as late as possible into the day, meaning how can I keep myself full for as long as possible with the fewest of calories.

Here’s what my average day would look like:

1. Wake up, drink lots of water, about 1-1.5 liters, making me feel full.
2. Wait until I feel hungry (usually after 2.5-3 hours of waking up).
3. Drink a cup of black coffee (no sugar, no milk)
4. Wait until I feel hungry again (usually 1-2 hours after the coffee)
5. (optional) Drink another cup of black coffe
6. Wait until I feel hungry again (usually 1-2 hours after the second cup coffee)
7. Have a apple or banana or 50g dark chocolate
8. wait until I feel hungry again (usually 2 hours after the snack)
9. have my first meal of the day, about 8-9 hours after I woke up.
10. wait 3-4 hours
11. Have the biggest meal of the day. This is where I’d get most of my protein.
12. Have a snack before going to sleep

Sidenote: If I had a workout that day then I would workout somewhere before the first meal of the day, so when I’m fully fasted or slightly fasted. Doing bodyweight workouts when you’re full isn’t fun you feel really fat haha.

Sidenote #2: I wasn’t strict about my eating times. I was just trying to eat my first meal late in the day while not feeling hungry. I almost never felt hungry during that time.

Final Words

So as you can see this was pretty straight forward. While I don’t look like Mr. Olympia or like Arnold Schwarzenegger, I have made a lot of progress and I’m super happy with it. I hope this has inspired you to try your own physical transformation. Feel free to ask any questions or comment in the comment section below! Trust me, you can achieve my results and even surpass me. It takes time, but hey, it’s pretty fun!

P.S. A lot of people messaged me asking about coaching. If you’re interested in working with me then great! Fill the form here and we can get in touch.

How I Gained 16 lbs of Muscle in 8 Months – My Transformation Story
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