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My 2016 Year in Review – Business, Personal Growth, & Lessons Learned


2016 was an amazing year. Looking back and reflecting I realize how much I did, but it was an interesting year in the sense that I didn’t make money, but I grew in all other areas of life (health, relationships, happiness). I pursued a startup for 6 months that didn’t work out and I quit another business too early within 2 months.

Here’s a list of my biggest achievements from 2016:


This is a big one for me. I met my girlfriend in June and fell in love for the first time in my life. It’s really a great experience and I was surprised at how much I enjoy being in a relationship. We plan to go to Europe in March together and we are both excited about it.

I also started reading the blog Jordan is a relationship coach and he’s absolutely incredible. He helped me with my relationship many times through his blog and courses. I ended up buying all of his courses and most of his books. Check him out if you want to get into a relationship or improve your current relationship.

Since it’s my first relationship it’s pretty hard to “Get it right” the first time and I know that. So, I invested a lot and learned about relationships, trying to be a great boyfriend, and did some romantic things along the way. Check out this lovely love letter I wrote to my girlfriend, super proud of myself haha.


Wrote ~10 books and started making ~35$/day from Kindle publishing

This is very interesting because I started it only in November 28th~, but already got great results. I enjoy writing and I definitely look to make more money and more books in 2017 and really crush it. I’m working on a free guide to teach it as well. I followed K-Money Mastery, an online course that teaches how to make money with Kindle publishing, it’s awesome.

My books are available in Kindle, paperback, and I just submitted my first audiobook to Audible recently! Stay tuned we’ll see how it goes.

Fitness transformation

Started following YouTube Fitness channel called Kinobody, and it completely changed my life. I bought most of his programs, which are incredibly cheap, and followed mostly his bodyweight mastery program. I changed my body completely doing mostly work outs at home and at the park. It’s incredible. I can’t say enough good things about Greg or his channel Kinobody.

I can do 1 arm pushups now! How awesome is that! It was difficult as hell to learn haha. I also did 8 muscle ups in a row! Super awesome.

Major health improvement

Bought a walking desk, started walking for 1.5h~ every day, I love it. Switched to a plant-based diet, reducing my meat intake by half at least, and I don’t consume dairy products almost at all. People that live a long life, past age 110, don’t consume a lot of meat, and they don’t eat dairy as much.

I also do intermittent fasting every day, fasting for 14-17 hours on average. Intermittent fasting has been shown to increase longevity, prevent heart disease, cancer, and generally be super awesome and good for you. That means I never have breakfast, instead I have black unsweetened coffee.

I also fasted for 50 hours and 40 hours to cleanse, and often fasted for 24 hours. Generally, the more you fast and the less you eat, the longer you’ll live. Just look at the world’s longest living people, you’ll often see that they were very skinny throughout their life.

I stopped eating Thai food as well, which is very unhealthy. Thai people live very short lives, averaging 74 years (Americans live 78 years). That is incredibly short considering the fact that Thai people are very skinny on average.

I removed ice cream from my diet, before I was eating it 6x a week, while now I eat it 0-1x a week, and I replaced it instead with 85% dark chocolate which is a lot healthier for us.

Overall, I’m a health freak, and I love taking care of my body. Because of these changes I now feel a LOT more energetic and motivated than ever before. It’s really incredible.

Raised $900 for charity

For my 22nd birthday, I pledged my birthday and asked to raise money for charity. My goal was $1,022, but I reached $900. How incredible is that! Super happy. For my 21 birthday, I raised $785, so I’m extremely happy about that.

I also signed up for an automatic donation subscription to give $15/month, every month, to charity. Always give. The more you give, the more you’ll get back.

Style and general appearance

Jeez that sounds so narcissistic and shallow.

Before I met my girlfriend, I dressed incredibly average. My friends used to laugh at me because I literally had 2 shirts that I would rotate when I’d go out. Not good haha.

Luckily, my girlfriend dresses extremely well, and she helped me with my poor sense of style. She helped me get a new hairstyle, wardrobe, leather jackets, and fitting clothes.

Thanks to her, I get complimented on my appearance a lot more often. I also have funny things happen to me every once in a while. Yesterday a cute ~14yo Thai girl was secretly taking pictures of me when I was having coffee. Things like that are very flattering and I’m very grateful for that.

I’m thinking about making a book or series of YouTube videos helping other guys improve their appearance and sharing what I learned. I’m not a model or anything, but I’m very happy with how I look 😛

When you start dressing better a lot of great things happen. People respect you a lot more, perceive you as more smart, successful, wealthy, and appealing in general. There are tons of studies that confirm this.

In addition to that, I did a laser surgery to remove my eye-glasses, which also made a big difference in my life. It’s like magic right now, I’m incredibly grateful and happy about that.


When I was single I used to lie to women about my age, job, and in general I didn’t like it. It wasn’t anything serious, but I still felt bad about it. I worked more on developing a stronger sense of integrity, with myself and with others, and it feels a lot better. I think people don’t talk about it enough.

Emotional Maturity

Being in a committed relationship seems to skyrocket my emotional maturity. I now understand that people don’t see the world the same way, and we all have our own opinions. More than that, I also developed a stronger sense of empathy and I try to see the other person’s point of view and where they’re coming from. Before that I used to think “Me, me, me”, but now I try to respect other people.

In addition to that, I also deal with my emotions a lot better. I don’t let things get me down as I did before. Instead of getting upset at anything, I try to laugh at myself for being silly, learn from that mistake, and move on.


Another topic that isn’t talked about as much. I started smiling a lot more often towards people. I practice talking with a smile, and in general making people feel as good as possible. That could mean asking the janitor how are they, or letting the old person take my sit on the bus.

I see so many people get angry and upset at people and not respect them. For example, if you’re in a foreign country and your food order is different than what you wanted. Remember that maybe that’s how they make the food in that country, or that they don’t speak English as well, or maybe they just have a really bad day.

I always try to give as much love and positivity as possible, and sometimes it really touches people. Especially the people that don’t get enough love.

Empathy, always empathy. And love too 😉

Social skills and charisma

Before I met my girlfriend, I practiced a lot of social skills and charisma. I tried to understand what makes people like you or dislike you, especially when it comes to attraction. I was pretty bad at it before, and now I still got a long way ahead, but it’s much, much better.

I also took a great course by Charisma on Command. It helped me a LOT with my charisma and I recommend you check it out. I love it.

Higher levels of energy and happiness

My mom told me I’m happier than before. I also feel so much more energetic. That’s a result of my relationship and general self-improvement. It’s awesome!


Went to Taiwan, Israel, Myanmar, Hong Kong, Laos, and I live in Thailand. I went on many holidays in Thailand with my girlfriend (Bangkok, Phuket, Phi Phi island, Ko Samui island, Chiang Mai) and have a great time with her. In 2017 I plan to travel a lot more in Europe.


This website helps me share my thoughts with the world and that’s beautiful! I love it. Also, started YouTube channel, E-mail list, Facebook page, snapchat, etc. The foundation for my brand.

Biggest mistakes, failures, and lessons learned:

Startup for 6 months

I pursued something I wasn’t passionate about, purely for the money and because I wanted to be like Elon Musk. I love Musk but I’m not him, lack of self-awareness wasn’t good for me. I also had a partner that I wasn’t compatible with. He’s an incredibly smart and an awesome guy in general, but we simply don’t match as well.


– I’m tired of starting over and quitting too soon. Definitely one of my biggest problems. I want to focus in 2017 and really dominate one thing and be that guy that always works on the same damn thing haha.

Didn’t work as much as I wanted to

OK, so I did work a lot. But man, I feel very driven and regret I didn’t work more during the first 7 months of the year.

Longevity Academy

Started a new business and quit after 2 months. Look bro, either you go full in or you don’t. Do or do not, there is no try. A lesson I need to remember 😉


– Didn’t use the walking desk and standing desk as often as I wanted to

– Didn’t get blood tests and monitor my health

General failures

– Didn’t join a mastermind. I’m setting up a Kindle publishing mastermind now for people that make at least 4 figures/month.

– Didn’t start investing my money, even $25/month.

Business and money

My net worth decreased by ~25-30% this year, so obviously, I’m not that happy about that. I’m very hungry to make a ton of money in 2017. I think making $30,000/month will be a worthy goal for 2017. Patience, hard work, mastery, sticking to one thing. Things I need to remember every time I start a business.

I plan to implement this in 2017 with my book publishing

In December I hit my goal of making $100 from my books. In fact, I made more like $250! How awesome is that! I had some expenses as well, but overall I’m very happy with it.

I get on average 1-2 Email subscribers a day, and I’m super excited about that. I want to grow it to 100 subscribers a day, that’ll be awesome!





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