By Dvir Oren, Monthly Goals Report

My November 2016 Monthly Goals Report

My November 2016 Monthly Goals Report

I LOVE setting goals and I enjoy sharing them publicly with you to show you I’m how doing and what’s it like to grow an online business from scratch. You’re going to see me report every month about my progress, how much money I’m making, my achievements and failures, etc. I’m a big believer in goal setting and I know that it helped me in my life tremendously.

I hope to inspire you and perhaps you’ll even start setting goals after watching this video!

Awesome, let’s jump right in!

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My 2016 Goals report

Health and Fitness

0. I will easily get a walking desk DONE. I need to make a video reviewing it
This stuff is really fun! I usually walk about 1.5 hours every day on my treadmill desk and I feel really good about it. Definitely good for my health. Sitting is very bad for us and having a walking desk is a create solution.
1. I will easily complete a 15-day juice fast by December 31, 2016
Didn’t do it. I tried to but felt dizzy and couldn’t work after 30 hours so I went back on normal solid foods. I definitely want to do this still.
2. I will easily complete a LIVER & GALLBLADDER FLUSH by December 31, 2016
Didn’t do it. Been lazy with it. Bummer. I’ll do it after my visa run.

Social and Relationships

1. I’ll go on holiday with my girlfriend in Phuket, Thailand


2. I’ll go on holiday with my girlfriend in Chiang Mai, north of Thailand.


This was really fun! I love spending time with my girlfriend and she really reminds me to relax every once in a while and not work myself to the ground. She’s a lot more present than me haha. Women tend to be more present than men in my experience.


 1. I will Easily complete my morning ritual at least 5 times a week.Currently I’m on track. This stuff is awesome, definitely life changing

2. I will travel to 3 new countries.

Currently I’ve been to ZERO new countries this year. Talk about embarrassing. I plan to go to Laos in a few days though.


1. I will easily sell 5 copies of longevity assessment tool.

I sold 1 copy so far, but I refunded it because I’m not pursuing that product anymore. Still pretty cool!
2. I will easily Put video truth about chemo

DONE You can see it here: Truth about chemotherapy.

3. I will easily put video about my fitness transformation + coaching

DONE you can view it here


4. I will easily make a video about ernestine shepherd, jeanne calment, dalai lama, mark sisson. “x person’s top 10 rules for amazing health”.

Result: I cancelled it, made only 1 video and it was quite shitty. I don’t like video editing so I chose not to pursue it.

5. I will easily put up resources page on

DONE. you can view it here

5.5 I will easily put up books page on DONE

DONE. You can view it here. I decided to hide it from the site navigation menu because I don’t feel like it’s aligned with me now. I saw Tai Lopez has it and I thought it’d be cool to do the same, but now I changed my mind.

5.6 I will easily create a lead magnet free offer for email subscribers.

DONE. You can see it here.

6. I will easily have at least 1,000 YouTube subscribers on the my channel by December 31, 2016.

Result: 23 subscribers

LOL. Yeah I set that goal way too high. I think I can make it to 100 though, that’ll be awesome!

7. I will easily have at least 5,000 Facebook fans on Dvir oren page by December 31, 2016.

result: 1687 fans

Yep, looks like nobody watched my content oh well! 🙂

8. I will easily have at least 500 Instagram followers on dviroren1 page by December 31, 2016.

Result: 221 followers.

Need to be more consistent with Instagram

7. I will easily have at least 500 e-mail subscribers by December 31, 2016.

Result: 105 subscribers

Need to focus on creating more quality content and attracting more people to my website.

8. I will easily reach and impact at least 5,000 people on YouTube (views) and have a total of 5,000 views on YouTube by December 31, 2016.

Result: 1061 views

Not too bad! The original goals was actually 1000 views so I passed it but I changed it because I already passed it and wanted to challenge myself.

9. I will easily reach and impact at least 5,000 people on (unique views) by December 31, 2016.

Result: 3,946

Wow, actually pretty close! I love it. Thanks to Greg O’gallagher for featuring me on his facebook page!


10. I will easily publish at least 30 new video blogs on YouTube and by December 31, 2016.

Result: 23 videos

Wow! I’m impressed and proud of myself, let’s see if we can hit 45 vids!

11. I will easily make $100 in revenue by December 31, 2016.

Result: $7+$2.06 = $9.06

Hahaha. The beauty of starting an online business. very low earnings at first. I actually sold my assessment tool and refunded the $7 and the $2.06 are from selling one copy of my kindle book. I actually think I’ll hit this $100 this month!

12. I will easily publish my first 2 ebooks on kindle. They’re already done just need to upload them.

DONE, view them here

13. I will easily Create a test that tells a person how healthy they are and how long they’re expected to live.

DONE – check it here. I ended up cancelling it though because I didn’t think there was a demand for it.

14. I will make a 60 second video everyday called daily minute of gratitude and upload it to youtube.


Bad idea, I don’t want to spam my non-existing subscribers with daily content of me in a messy room using my phone. lol.

15. I will make a weekly motivational monday video.


Yeah, same thing, didn’t feel like I wanted to pursue it

16. I will make a video series called the hustle where I’ll share my struggles as an entrepreneur.

Results: So far so good!

Watch episode 1 here. But episode 2 is much better

17. I will easily document my journey to make money online with kindle and publish 10 episodes in my “zero to hero” show.

Results: So far so good.

Watch episode 1 here. Episode 2 will be uploaded later today!


Woohoo, that was a long report, I hope that you enjoyed it! Overall this month is going really well and I’m breaking out of my comfort zone a lot by making these reports public and holding me accountable.

Please leave a comment below or let me know any questions you have.  I’d love to hear what you think!

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My November 2016 Monthly Goals Report
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