By Dvir Oren

How Tai Lopez Makes Money Online

how tai lopez make money online
More than a million followers online, over 150 million views on YouTube, Tai Lopez clearly is very successful. But how does he make money online? In this post I’m going to show you the 8 ways Tai makes money online. ...
By Dvir Oren

Can Your Smart Phone Give You Cancer?

I recently watched a great documentary called “Mobilize” as part of my FMTV subscription and it talks about the link between cancer and cellphone use. It’s quite worrying since almost all of us use cellphone all the time. It also ...
By Dvir Oren

Hungry for Change – Movie Review

I just finished watching the documentary movie “Hungry for Change” as part of my FMTV subscription. It talks about the modern diet and how we’re getting more and more calories but at the same time, we’re getting less and less ...