This page contains some of my favorite tools and products that I personally use. I list them here for your reference and I hope that you’ll find some of them useful.

This page contains affiliate links. If you purchase a product through one of them, I will receive a commission (at no additional cost to you). I only ever endorse products that I have personally used and benefitted from personally. Thank you for your support!


Kinobody – This guy helped me with my fitness transformation and comletely changed my life. He helped me see my 6 pack for the first time ever! I highly recommend you check out his stuff if you want to improve your physique.


Jordan Gray Consulting – Jordan helped me save my relationship via his free blog articles. He shares so much for free and even his paid products are ridiculously cheap. Gotta love it when someone isn’t in it for the money.


The 67 steps to health wealth love and happiness by Tai Lopez – This program transformed my life and taught me so many things. Tai shares lessons from the smartest and most successful people in the world. I highly recommend this program. I got both of my sisters and my little brother to join the program 🙂

My favorite books of all time – I’ve compiled a list of books that changed my life.