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The Hustle Ep. #2 – Kinobody Success, Content Strategy, and My Shitty Videos

The Hustle #2 Kinobody success, content strategy, and my shitty videos

The Hustle online show is a series of weekly videos documenting my journey to make money online and make my website a successful online business.

You’re going to see me struggle, fail at my campaigns, show my google analytics stats, earnings reports, initial wins, etc. This was created in order to inspire you and show you what success actually looks like – That’s why I started it even before I became successful, so you can see what it’s like to start a business from the ground up. YOU’RE WELCOME 😉

Watch the video below:

the dvir oren show

A few interesting things happen in this episode:

Success #1 – Greg O’gallagher, founder of million dollar business, saw my previous blog post about him (6 reasons why greg from Kinobody is extremely successful) and he published it on his facebook page that has about 130,000 followers. So naturally I got a ton of traffic! Yay me !

Success #2 – It doesn’t show it in the video, but I later got a reply from Greg saying he’s willing to do an interview with me online!! Which is amazing because:

a. He’s a big role model for me

b. I followed his program and he helped me completely transform my physique! So I’m very grateful for that.

c. I’m pretty sure the interview will get a couple thousand views !!! how awesome is that! Right now I have my goal to hit 5,000 views on my youtube channel in the next 34 days, and I only have about 500 views at the moment.

Success #3 – I got 9 or 10 people on my email list!!! How awesome is that! I have a goal of having 500 people on my email list in 34 days from now, so got to hustle to make it happen! You can subscribe to my weekly updates right here.

Success #4 – I published my first two Ebooks on Amazon!! You can view them here. I had written them already before for my previous business that failed so I thought why not throw them online on Amazon and see if anyone will buy them. They’re both actually quite good if I may say so 🙂

Failure #1 – I posted my snapchat on ~8 different adding groups for snapchat on facebook and I got ZERO followers. I share my journey as an entrepreneur on snapchat so if you’re into all that jazz you’ll love my snapchat. You can follow me here (“dviroren”).

Failure #2 – I recorded 3 videos in my room with my phone but the quality was bad so I’ll have to record them again at the park and buy a tripod or something

UPDATE: My Lovely friend  Mario agreed to let me use his super professional camera AND his tripod!!!! WHAT?!?! so awesome, so yeah, I’m going to use it to shoot some videos for my non-existent followers at the moment! I just need to buy some missing parts.

Final words

I hope that you’ve enjoyed this video sharing my beginner stages. I have only 14 YouTube subscribers hahaha. It is my hope that I can inspire you and help you get started with your own online business as  well.

Please leave a comment below or let me know any questions you have.  I’d love to hear what you think!

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The Hustle Ep. #2 – Kinobody Success, Content Strategy, and My Shitty Videos
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